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Teamwork: The ability to work together toward a common vision.  The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.



Reynaud E. Moore & Associates, Inc. (REMA) has had a wide range of engagements in our history. The following are a few examples:





Developed and implemented a business plan for motivating and monitoring the corporate sales force for this manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera Cosmetics.  The plan became an integral part of the company’s overall marketing strategy.  The project conducted interviews with a representative sample of sales persons to assess the factors that had lead to the decline in performance of the sales force and new ideas that would revitalize their performance.  A statistical analysis of the historical sales results for each salesperson was prepared.  Finally a comprehensive motivational plan was developed that provided the proper incentives to the sales force, and sales forecasts were prepared for the next year.





Conducted a strategic and operations analysis to design and re-engineer the complete financial management reporting system for the Stormwater Management Program (Program), Department of Public Works. The system design included all components of fiscal management including user fees, grant revenues, capital and operating costs. The analysis required a complete process evaluation of system procedures in three major city Departments in areas that service the Program.  Recommendations were made in areas of policy and procedures that provided online database information to users for the first time and replaced manual procedures.  Existing hardware was utilized.  Benefits included cost savings from more timely information and useful formats, potential error reduction from eliminating duplication, etc. Conducted a survey of national Stormwater Management Programs for comparison of rate structures, contributing user classes, use of funds and other parameters of each program. 




Conducted an extensive marketing strategy and implementation project for the 19 campuses of the Extended Education Schools for the California State Universities and Colleges System.  The project team developed one northern and one southern California campus as models to implement the three-phase program. Phase one conducted market research and extensive analysis of the current programs and compared them to the market demand as determined by a needs assessment of the entire target geographic area.  Phase two developed specific strategies and techniques to match current programs with demands in the marketplace and developed new (or delete obsolete) programs for untapped markets.  A detailed budget and resource evaluation was completed to quantify factors for success that met the mission and objectives of each respective campus.  A final implementation plan was developed in phase three that defined specific assignments, responsibilities, timetables and set specific milestones for monitoring the success of the implementation plan.  Finally a manual was prepared and several seminars were conducted for the remaining 17 campuses to instruct them in how to complete this important process on each of their campuses.





  • Developed the business plan and investment memorandum for the principal / owner, an 18-year-old leisure yachtsman, that raised about $1Million seed capital for this start-up marine hardware design and manufacturing company and launched the first of his corporate ventures.   Within about a year captured distribution through Wal-Mart and Kawasaki.  Based on our initial tutorledge the principal leveraged this success into multiple ventures and acquisitions that currently have over 20 years of success and multimillion dollar annual sales.
















Our business management experiences and services give you the reassurance needed to run a successful business.





Performed a survey of over 250 health clinic facilities in the County of Los Angeles for eight consecutive fiscal quarters.  The interviews evaluated and determined both the indigence and residential status of each patient and were used to determine funding to the Department from federal sources.  Data was collected during operating hours on predetermined days and required every patient that day to be personally interviewed and included in a daily report.  The data was entered into an electronic database and processed to report findings.  Our scope of work required scheduling each facility for interviews each quarter and conducting the interviews along with numerous administrative requirements to meet stringent federal audits and performance standards.  Over 8000 onsite interviews were conducted during eight quarters using over 220 interviewers and administrative staff.



Conducted the 1991 Statewide Travel Survey as part of a specialized marketing and marketing research team for The State of California, Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  This major project conducted every 10 years is to update the statewide travel database on household, socioeconomic, and travel information used to forecast and model transportation needs throughout the State. The questionnaire and telephone survey methodology were specifically designed to collect, analyze and report pertinent household travel data that addresses the changing demographics; growing residential communities; shifts in employment centers, traffic patterns; and travel behavior as well as impacts from regulatory agencies, such as the Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and local governments, that have enacted additional regulations centered on traffic abatement.


The purpose of the 1991 Statewide Travel Survey was to:

- Update household socioeconomic and travel data to ensure that travel estimates and forecasts reflect current behavior.

- Examine changes in trip generation rates, travel mode, trip length, and vehicle occupancy rates.

- Establish socioeconomic/travel relationships to be used in calibrating regional and Statewide travel forecasting models.

- Provide Caltrans with information that will aid in planning transportation needs throughout the State.





Conducted a facility location and feasibility study for the Community Development Commission, County of Los Angeles and a private Los Angeles entrepreneur.  Reviewed the developer’s facility requirements and evaluated a 15 square mile target location area.  A comprehensive on-the-street market survey of existing office space facilities, costs, lease terms, and more was conducted. A financial feasibility study was conducted to compare the developer’s objectives with what current market demands would support.  Presentations were made to the developer that evaluated alternatives as well as provided criteria for final determination of the feasibility of the project.  A complete business plan was developed with financial projections, market data, operational plans, resumes and other relevant materials to support funding the proposed venture through debt financing.