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After 30 years of creating, nurturing, and maintaining successful businesses, REYNAUD E. MOORE & ASSOCIATES, Inc., Consultants to Management, (REMA) has established a consulting system that gets RESULTS.  We have developed state-of-the-art analysis and planning methodologies in working with hundreds of clients in most industries, including:. 


- Manufacturing

- Energy and Environmental

- Transportation

- Hospitality and Food Services

- Health Services

- Construction

- Fashion, Arts, Design

- Retailers

- Public & Private Public Works Operations

- Much More!



Our Work Includes:


Marketing: Market Strategy Planning and Implementation; Strategic Management Development; New Product Introduction; Advertising and Promotion; Sales Force Development.


Market Research: Objectives Design; Survey Design; Field Research including Focus Groups, Intercept Studies, Telephone Studies; Coding, Tabulation and Analysis; Presentation of Results.


Funding: Working Capital; Asset Acquisition; Equity or Debt Issues; Venture Capital.


Financial Planning: Operations; Economic/Benefit Analysis; Product/Service Pricing; Product Cost, Service Fee & Rate Charges; Make-Buy-Lease Decisions; Capital Investment or Divestiture; Overhead Analysis.

































System Design: Budgeting;  Standard Product Costs; Forecasting; Production Analysis;  Both Automated and Manual Models.


Environmental Planning: Develop corporate policies and procedures that comply with federal, State and local environmental regulations and ordinances in a cost effective manner.  Environmental areas include wastewater, potable water, air, hazardous waste, etc.


Organizational Planning: Structure; Staffing; Job Responsibility and Assignments; etc.


Management Information Systems: Automated or manual systems to collect, store, retrieve and report vital information to managers in a usable format that is done in a cost effective and timely manner.  Such data as: accounting; financial; operating performance, i.e. the “health of the company and its environment”; etc.


Data Processing Planning: System Design and Evaluation; Hardware and Software Selection; User Training; etc.


Cost Management: Work Order Analysis; Overhead Analysis; Variable and Direct Cost Analysis; Cost Reduction and Avoidance Analysis.


Feasibility/ Business Plan: Is the proposed product or service able to achieve the required economic returns, in a designated timeframe, using the available resources?